Old Yellow Stain

old-yellow-stainMr. Krumpky, principal of Zombie High School, denied that the Zombie Complex that includes the Education Center, the Medical Research Facility, and the Zombie Correctional Institution is responsible for the sudden yellow tinge found in the city of Sierra Madre’s drinking water.

Krumpky handed the press copies of a report issued by the Federal Drug Administration concluding that the contents of Zombie water facilities used for storage, waste, and drinking water are pure in color and taste and contain no unusual chemicals.  In fact, nothing was found that would affect water color.

Krumpky concludes that the charge that the Zombies were responsible for the yellow stain was used by local politicians, who have failed to protect the public, to shift the blame away from themselves.  Most likely the high profit bottle water industry started the story to scare consumers into buying their expensive product.

Zombie Escapes!

A Zombie cast member of the Sierra Madre Playhouse’s Halloween show did not report to the armored transport vehicle for his trip back to the correction facility.  It is feared that he may have wandered off.

His description:  6′ 7″ tall, 265Lbs, male, grey hair, and short grey beard.  Last seen dressed in an orange jump suit.  His movements are slow and uncoordinated.  His expression is blank.  He is considered by his fellow Zombies as a dimwit.  His rotting flesh gives off an unpleasant odor.

Warning:  Do not approach!  If seen, cover your head and run away.  Call Police.

Tip from Homeland Security:
If you are cornered by a zombie, point across the street and yell, “Look Zombie, fresh brains over there!”  As the Zombie turns around, run away.  If this advise doesn’t work, consult our website:  BrokenBeyondRepair.gov