Zombies Win Clapper Award

clapper awardThe San Gabriel Valley Theater Assoc. has just awarded our Zombie Players Association the 2015 Clapper Award of Excellence for its annual series of Halloween productions.

Accepting the award, our founder, playwright, and producer, Val Luten.  His acceptance speech surprised the gathering, “We don’t want your stinking award.  We want your fresh brains.”  The audience of over 200 attendees gave him a standing ovation.  It seems the crowd respected Luten for ‘putting it to the man’.  They all agreed that we need more fresh brains with new ideas to promote live theater.

The above is the product of a delusional zombie mind, although it does identify the problem of theater failing to use imagination to attract a younger audience that is addicted to electronic/social media.  They are missing the live theater experience; the real 3D.